The DEPOT Banquet Hall

Centrally located in Marshfield directly behind Marshfield Community Center at 420 S. Marshall St.
(MAX Occupancy 112 People)

The DEPOT Event Venue

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Your party guests will enjoy our cozy space situated among unique decor and lighting! We have plenty of tables and chairs to seat up to 112 people total capacity. You will have access to our 65″ Smart TV, Bluetooth Sound System, Highspeed Internet and Kitchen.

Your rental includes use of our kitchen for keeping your food warm (or cool) in preparation for your event. The kitchen includes a sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, refrigerator, deep freezer, serving counter & coffee bar. You can also enjoy our 65″ smart TV, Wi-fi, Bluetooth speaker & microphone, stage with podium, specialty lighting & decor. You will need to bring your own party supplies, decorations, food and cleanup crew. We provide the space with tables & chairs, and you do the rest. Feel free to rearrange the tables and chairs to fit your needs. We kindly ask that you leave our facility in the same presentation or better when you are finished. All items need to be cleaned and returned to their original location, including our tables and chairs. Please do not rearrange the TV sitting area, coffee bar or kitchen area. Please wipe down all tables & chairs, sweep and vacuum, empty all trash cans, including restrooms. Our dumpster is located just outside the front doors. Cleaning supplies and trash liners are beneath the front counter. Brooms and vacuum are located in the kitchen area. A mop bucket is stored in the closet next to the piano (along with extra chairs and tables). Please let us know if you have questions or additional needs.



3-hour Banquet Hall Only rental $150

“DEPOT BANQUET HALL RENTAL" (3 hrs. includes setup and cleanup)

(112 max. guest capacity. Does not include the Bounce Party Room)

Need greater than a 12-hour rental? -Email us for a quote based on your specific needs.


3-hour Full Depot rental $250.00  

“DEPOT BANQUET HALL & BOUNCE PARTY EXPRESS PACKAGE” (3 hrs. includes setup & cleanup)  

This fun package includes (1) one inflatable bounce house, (1) one inflatable obstacle course, games and activities, fun lighting, use of Banquet Hall for food, cake and gifts. 185 max guest capacity


3-hour Banquet Hall Only rental $75 (Mon-Thurs)

“DEPOT BANQUET HALL RENTAL" (3 hrs. includes setup and cleanup)

(112 max. guest capacity. Does not include the Bounce Party Room)


Rental Rules, Policies & Procedures

Thank you for choosing us for your party needs! Please call or email us to reserve your preferred date and time for your special event. (417) 859-6055 or


Reservations include setup and cleanup included within the time frame that you reserved and paid for. If you need extra time, please add it on at the time you schedule your reservation. It is very possible that we have or will book a party before &/or after you. Full payment is due at time of party request. Once payment is received, we will confirm your reservation. Payments can be made in person at gymnasium entrance.


A staff member will open the facility for you at the time your reservation begins and remain on-site or nearby. Please communicate the specified rental time and max load occupancy with all helpers, vendors, caterers, D.J.s, guests, etc. We strictly adhere to the room maximum occupant load as set forth by local fire and building inspectors. THE FACILITY WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE BEFORE THE RENTAL PERIOD THAT YOU HAVE RESERVED & PAID FOR.


We rent our space clean and ready with tables and chairs in place. You setup, supervise and cleanup your own private party. We do not offer party planning at this time, nor will we add tables and chairs last minute. Extra tables and chairs are stored in the closet next to the piano. All table arrangements and layout request changes must be made 7 days or more prior to party reservation. We do encourage creativity of setting up your parties so if you wish to rearrange tables and chairs upon arrival you may do so. We ask kindly that you please return tables, chairs and items as they were when you arrived.
You are responsible for your own supplies including decorations, paper products, plates, cups, napkins, food serving container’s & utensils, ice, drinks, coffee, decorations, tablecloths, etc. You can use our utensils and serving items in our kitchen but please wash and put them away after use.

LOOSE GLITTER OR ANY TYPE OF CONFETTI ARE NOT ALLOWED. It is difficult to clean up. You will be charged a $100 cleanup fee if messes are left behind, including use of glitter & confetti.

*We do have white tablecloths available for use for an additional $10/tablecloth to cover dry cleaning expenses after use.


A staff member will be on-site or nearby; however, you are responsible for supervising your party and your party guests. Children should always have adult supervision. Chairs, tables, furniture, equipment, paper products, janitorial products, etc. are property of Marshfield Community Center and Imagination Station. Please take care of our items. Kitchen food and drinks are not for renters to use. Respect and consideration shall be shown at all times for neighbors and other renters in the facility and adjacent rooms. Excessive noise, unruly behavior, loitering in the parking lot or other areas of the building or streets is prohibited.


You are required to leave the facility clean, orderly and in the same condition or better, than it was upon your arrival. In order to keep our rental costs down we ask that you help us keep the facility clean by emptying your trash, sweeping any mess on floors, cleaning up wet spills and vacuuming if needed. Please wipe down tables and chairs after use to prepare for our next rental. No food or drinks are allowed in TV sitting area.


Nothing can be stapled, nailed, tacked or screwed onto the walls, windows or ceiling during ANY event.  Light taping or tying with string or ribbon for decorating is allowed on concrete, plastic or metal surfaces. Do not tie, tape or hang anything on string lights. We do have some wall displays with pre-attached clips for attaching decorations and pictures. All types of confetti and glitter, or similar materials such as bird seed or rice, are prohibited inside the facility. Use of candles is restricted to enclosed flames (e.g. votive or hurricane lamps). The flame must be at least one inch from the top of the container or floating in water. Unity candles are permitted during a wedding ceremony. We highly encourage battery operated lighting. All decorations must be removed and cleaned up promptly upon the conclusion of the event. Any damage from non-compliance will be documented and followed up with appropriate added fees.


We hope you enjoy our facility and the atmosphere it provides. Once you have cleaned up and are ready to leave the facility, please inform a staff member of your departure so that we can lock up or prepare for our next rental.

Happy Party Planning!